US suspends Govt-19 test requirement for air travelers entering the country

The move, first reported by CNN, will take effect at midnight on Sunday.

CDC removes the banThe travel industry has been fighting this for months After determining that it was no longer needed “based on science and data”, the official said. The CDC will reconsider its decision within 90 days and if the authorities decide to reinstate it, it will do so, for example, due to a new variation. The action has been Effective January 2021.

The Biden management plans to work with airlines to ensure a smooth transition with this change, but this will be a welcome move for most in the industry, the official said.

Travel officials have been increasingly critical of demand in recent weeks, and have directly urged the Biden administration to end the move, arguing that this could have a cooling effect on an already weak economy, said Nick Galio, chairman of Airlines for America. With White House officials.

The travel industry and some scientists say the policy has been out of date for months.

Legislators, including Democrats, have been arguing in recent weeks to eliminate the need.

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortes Masto said, “I am pleased that the CDC has stopped the need for corona virus testing for international travelers and will do everything I can for the strong recovery of our hospitality industry.”

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