UCLA and USC are expected to drop Pac-12 to the Big Ten

Beyond football and men’s basketball, the UCLA and USC are the so-called Olympic powers. USC, for example, has won national championships in beach volleyball, women’s outdoor track and field and men’s tennis over the past decade. UCLA, for its part, has won recent titles in baseball, beach volleyball, women’s gymnastics, women’s football, softball and women’s tennis. Both schools have won titles in water polo, which is not a Pac-12-sponsored sport for men or women.

State College from Los Angeles, Pa. New Brunswick, NJ; And College Park, MD, for competition.

This deal could cast a shadow over the tenure Kevin WarrenThe Big Ten commissioner since 2019, who has been the subject of criticism since the start of his league in 2020 Decided not to play Autumn football season due to infection. Although the conference eventually reversed its decision and staged a portion of the games it had planned, the episode follows Warren. (The Bag-12, under Larry ScottCanceled and revived its 2020 football season.)

At the same time, the departures of the USC and UCLA pose a sharp test George Kliavkov, Became the commissioner of the Pak-12 a year ago. Last August, after decisions made by Oklahoma and Texas, the league said it had no plans to expand “at this time”, in part due to “the current competitive strength and integration of our 12 universities”.

In a statement on Thursday, Pac-12 said it was “very surprised and disappointed” by the day’s progress and suggested that it be open to adding members.

For now, at least, conference members include California, Oregon, Stanford, Utah and Washington.

Kevin Dropper Contributed report.

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