The hero saves the grandmother and her relatives’ house as the Kentucky flood swallows it


in the middle Catastrophic flooding in eastern Kentucky An anonymous man’s act of kindness helped rescue a grandmother and her family from a flooded house.

Randy Pauley was driving to get gas Thursday morning when he encountered floodwaters that stranded him on dry land in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

Hours later, as the water continued to rise, he saw a man from a distance rescuing an old woman and others trapped in a house.

Pauli told CNN that people could be heard yelling across the flooded road, “Help me, get help.” Bally called 911, but emergency services were overwhelmed and didn’t answer her calls, she said.

Around 9 a.m., he saw a man he described as a “hero” swim up to the house and start banging on the door and window.

A series of dramatic videos taken by Pauli and shared with CNN show the rescue. Pauli said it took about 30 minutes from start to finish as the man entered the home through a window and helped the three family members get out safely.

Missy Crovetti, who lives in Green Oaks, Illinois, told CNN that the rescued family included her grandmother Mae Ambergi, uncle Larry Ambergi and her brother Gregory Ambergi. He said they are safe and his grandmother and uncle are receiving treatment in hospital.

Crovetti said her uncle, who is in his 70s, was put on a ventilator — possibly due to water inhalation — and taken out later that day. Crovetti said his grandmother was being treated with antibiotics after injuring her leg and was diagnosed with pneumonia as of Sunday. “We are hopeful but scared because of her age,” he said.

Crovetti’s brother shared pictures of the flood inside the home as the trio waited to be rescued. In one picture, 98-year-old May can be seen sitting on her bed, which is almost submerged in water.

Crovetti said he did not know the name of his family’s rescuer. Pauly also said he did not know the man’s name.

Crovetti set up a Verified GoFundMe campaign To help support his grandmother and other family members as they recover from the devastating floods.

Floods claimed lives At least 26 as of Sunday morning. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for parts of southern and eastern Kentucky through at least Monday morning. According to the Weather Forecast Center, there is a moderate risk of 3 out of 4 precipitation for Sunday across southeastern Kentucky.

Heavy rains and flooding started Wednesday night, sweeping some homes off their foundations and forcing residents to seek higher ground. Gov. Andy Beshear said he expects the death toll to rise as search crews enter inaccessible areas.

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