The entrances to Yellowstone Park were closed after heavy rains and flooding

Authorities said the entrances to Yellowstone National Park were closed indefinitely and visitors were evacuated as heavy rains and floods triggered roads and cliffs.

The jungle and active geysers in Yellowstone, America’s oldest national park, attract millions of visitors each year. Spreads throughout More than two million acres in the northwest corner of Wyoming and in Montana and Idaho. In 2021, More than 4.8 million people Visited the park.

On Monday, the park’s supervisor, Cam Sholey, announced that its five entrances would be closed to incoming traffic, at least until Wednesday, due to “extremely dangerous” conditions. Video recorded from a helicopter At the north entrance to the park showed a gushing river through a dilapidated, eroded road.

Visitors were evacuated from the northern part of the park, where several landslides and the collapse of roads and bridges, Mr. Sholi said in a statement. He said parts of Gardiner’s community of about 800 people, which serves as the park’s main northern entrance, have no electricity or water, and are receiving help from authorities in Montana.

The timing of the park’s reopening is uncertain until authorities assess the damage. Said Sholi. “The northern cycle will be closed for a considerable period,” he said.

Visitors to the southern part of the park will also be evacuated, with forecasts of rising flood levels raising concerns about water supply and sewage systems, Mr said. Said Sholi. Named Supervisor Of the park in 2018.

Heavy rain and snow melting on Sunday unleashed floodwaters that will continue through the river system through northwestern Wyoming and southwestern Montana on Tuesday, the National Weather Service said. According to meteorologists at Yellowstone Lake, 1.37 inches of rain fell on Sunday, breaking the record of less than half an inch in 2005, according to meteorologist Jason Strap of the Meteorological Service.

Although cold temperatures were forecast, the region was under flood advice until Tuesday, slowing the melting of ice. The weather service said. Thundershowers and strong winds were forecast mainly in North Wyoming and the chance of thunderstorms continued throughout the week.

The unpredictable weather system caused flooding in southwestern Montana, affecting residents of Park County on the edge of the park.

Patients and staff at a hospital in Livingston, Mont. The facility said. Authorities said residents in some parts of the district, including Livingston, were evicted from their homes.

“Travel is very low and unsafe in many places,” Park County emergency management officials said in a statement. “Many bridges and roads are not functioning now. Many are surrounded by land.

In the Paradise Valley that connects Livingston Gardiner, on the northern edge of Yellowstone, saw residents drowning in the Yellowstone River roads and seizing property along its path. Homeowners set up a sandbag filling station at the Park County Exhibition Grounds.

“It’s a matter of life or death,” said Christine Joop, a Park County resident who helped distract motorists from rising water. KBZK told the newsBozeman, a television station in Mont.

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