Now you can connect to Mater using Android and Nest devices

Photo by Nest Audio

Nest Audio can now act as a border router for Mater devices.
Photograph: Gizmodo / Andrew Liszewski

Matter, the promising smart home standard Unite us all, continues its slow and steady rollout across platforms. Google is next announcing compatibility for its Nest devices and Android phones.

Now you can use current gadgets like the Nest Mini speaker, Nest Hub Max smart display and Nest Wifi Pro mesh router to connect the Mater smart devices. These are no longer called “hubs” but “border routers” because they act as markers for your smart home perimeter.

Android is getting its long-promised pairing capabilities. Fast Pair can be used to get the gadget connected to the network using the Google Home app. Cosmetic condition Right now.

The Material standard Officially launched in October. Although there are only a few Mater-compatible devices on the market, such as sensors, smart locks, and smart bulbs, we expect compatible devices to emerge early next year.

Google In the states In the new year “more Nest devices are running with Mater” so they can act as border routers in a Mater-connected home. The company is also working on adding iOS support through the Google Home app for those who want to stay in the Google App ecosystem (Apple lets you connect to Matter devices through iOS’s Home app). It has partnered with Samsung, its biggest partner in smartphones, to create a “smooth” multi-admin experience for 2023 – which will make it easier to flip between Samsung’s SmartThings and Google Home apps.

The smart home has been pretty stagnant for the past year as companies and consumers alike have been waiting for this new standard. While big brands already support Matter, we’re not quite there yet. But we expect to see all the new devices synced at CES 2023 next month.

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