No one over 40 should eat fried food anymore because it destroys your metabolism

Deep fryer with bubbling oil

Maintenance A balanced diet Always a top priority, but especially important to consider if you’re trying to shed a few pounds. Unfortunately, although this is no easy feat, Weight loss It gets even harder as women get older. There are a few reasons for this, but one is that our metabolism naturally starts to slow down over the years. Fortunately, there are some ways Increases your metabolism Over 40 – This includes cutting out certain foods that can throw a wrench into your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, this includes some seriously tasty treats that are delicious but harmful French fries.

To learn more about why women over 40 looking to boost their metabolism should think twice about ordering french fries at the drive-thru, we spoke to registered dietitian and nutrition writer Catherine Gervasio. Live it up. Read on for all her insight!

French fries

Everyone knows it, but we all want to ignore it: Fast food french fries aren’t good for you—especially if you’re trying to lose weight. This fried, salty, deceivingly delicious side dish can lead to many health concerns, from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. Consuming small amounts of fries too often can lead to slow metabolism and unwanted weight gain. This is because this food is high in fat and calories.

“Not only those [French fries] “High in fat—they’re empty-calorie foods, meaning they don’t contain substantial nutrients. They only provide calories, which generally aren’t helpful for weight management and health,” explains Gervacio. Unfortunately, Processed snacks It takes less energy for your body to process – which means they can affect your metabolism! Another major issue at hand is trans fat content, which can lead to inflammation and weight gain over time, Gervasio points out.

Substitute for french fries

Fortunately, if you want to lose weight, you don’t have to completely ignore your potato cravings. There are many healthy ways to cook it A starchy vegetable Don’t load your body with fat, salt and oil. In fact, you can try making a healthier version of French fries in your own kitchen.

“Bake your own potatoes and make them crispy. Air fryers can also be considered to reduce fat intake. It can be better than fast food french fries,” says Gervasio. We can’t promise these air fryer mixes will taste exactly like the fries you order at McDonald’s — but we can promise they’ll be better for your body.

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