McDonald’s alternative restaurants have opened in Russia

The American fast food company renamed it “Vkusno & Tochka”, which translates to “tasty and that’s it”.

The company, of which Oleg Paroev is the director, plans to open 200 branches by the end of June and all branches by the end of the summer, according to a press release.

“If you remember, in May, McDonald’s announced the removal of their businesses from Russia. I am very proud to have been chosen to continue to promote this business.

“I will not hide that I am an ambitious man, so I am not going to open all 850 restaurants, but to create new ones,” he said.

According to a press release, 62,000 former McDonald’s employees were also retained.

The holiday, which marks the country’s independence, was renamed Russia Day. It happened at the same place in Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow, where McDonald’s Its first Russian restaurant opened On January 31, 1990.
The death of McDonald's theory of peace is a dark day for capitalism
On the first day, 30,000 people were served – a McDonald’s record for a launch day, CBC reports At the time. The venue had to be open for hours even longer than planned due to the large crowd.
Out of 27,000 applicants, about 630 employees were selected 1990 Washington Post article.

“About 32 years Before … in Pushkinskaya Square, there were a lot of people when Russia first opened the McDonald’s franchise. This caused a great stir. The new owner, along with real entrepreneurs, I think the interest in these new restaurants will be huge, “said Alexei Alekseevich, head of the Moscow Department of Commerce, at a news conference on Sunday.

An employee cleans the self-ordering machine at the Russian version of a former McDonald's restaurant before the opening ceremony in Moscow.

McDonald’s has since expanded its reach into the country and, in early March, operated about 850 locations in Russia.

However, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February, the chain decided to leave the country and sell its Russian trade to many Western businesses.

McDonald’s accepted the $ 1.4 billion fee after selling it to Govt. Reuters reported. Other owners may work under the new brand, but the traditional McDonald brand will leave the country, Barrow said.
Russia’s anti – monopoly service said it would choose to buy its restaurants in Russia within 15 years, although many of the terms of the sale to Govor are not yet clear. Reuters also reported.

“If the opening of McDonald’s in 1990 marks the beginning of a new era in Soviet life, with more independence, then the company’s current exit not only closes the business, but reflects the community as a whole,” said Tara Goldstein, b. And Harriet M. Emeritus, a professor of Russian language, noted at the time.

The company’s new logo, shared with CNN, depicts “the restaurant’s main symbols” – two yellow fries and an orange burger. The green background indicates to CNN the “quality of the products and services that guests are accustomed to”.

An employee prepares fries for the Russian version of a former McDonald's restaurant.
Consumers gathered outside McDonald’s main store in central Moscow on Sunday. Reuters reported.

Although “Vkusno & Tochka” did not offer some of the most recognizable items on McDonald’s menu – including the Big Mac – customers could still buy a double cheese burger for 129 rubles (about $ 2.30), compared to the 160 under McDonald’s, and 169 instead of the previous 190 rubles. A fish burger for rubles.

The company's new logo shared with CNN "The main icons of the restaurant"  Pictured in it: two sticks of yellow fries and an orange burger.

Alexander Merculov, quality manager of the new company, said that despite some changes to the menu, the mix of burgers and McDonald’s equipment remained the same.

“The taste is the same,” said 15-year-old Sergey, a customer, who was stuck in a chicken burger and frying pan. “The cola is different, but there’s really been no change in the burger.”

CNN’s Daniel Weiner-Broner, Chris Liagos and Anna Chernova contributed to the report.

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