Marines-Angels fight: Punches thrown, Jesse Winker jumps, eight outs lead to hot fight

A quarrel – a real fight, not where a few soldiers stand around – erupted between Seattle Marines And Los Angeles Angels Sunday in Anaheim. A good number of punches were thrown and there was a lot of drama, which means baseball never started again for a while. In the end, there were eight dismissals – six players and two managers.

It all started on Saturday night, really. In the ninth inning, on the way to the pinstop, a pitch went close to Mike Trout’s head. The Angels star was not happy and said more after the game.

“If you can not pitch inside, do not pitch inside,” said Trout (via “If you’re going to hit me, hit me in the ribs. Do not hit my head. I do not know if that’s the point, but … nothing in the head, you do not do that.”

This is a common and reasonable refrain among the players. Stay away from the head when throwing hard object for more than 95 miles per hour. Mariners pitcher Eric Swanson said the pitch was away from him.

Regardless, it seems to have been carried over to Sunday.

Angels opener Andrew Wands first smashed the tower of Mariners star Julio Rodriguez.

In the next inning, Wands hit Jesse Winger with a pitch. The winger seemed to be taking over his site, but someone from the Angels duckout caught his attention, and then it ran. Winker got into an argument with interim Angels manager Bill Nevin. Winger and Mariners shortstop JP Crawford both threw punches during a fight to destroy the benches. See:

As the referees were trying to sort things out, the Angels decided to throw a container containing sunflower seeds near Rizal Iglesias, and it started to turn things around for a second.

Expect suspensions because you can see many players throwing multiple punches in that fight. Once the dust settled, the referees were eliminated: Nevin, Winker, Crawford, Rodriguez, Iglesias, Wands, Angels reliever Ryan Deborah and Mariners manager Scott Service.

This is the eighth match between the two teams in the last 11 days. The Angels won four of the last week, but the Mariners have taken the first three games of the series.

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