Julian Sands goes missing while hiking California’s treacherous Mount Baldy – Deadline

Updated with search details: Search and rescue teams are searching for the British actor today Julian Sands, who went missing in the San Gabriel Mountains over the weekend. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is searching for sand in the Baldy Bowl area. Baldi Hill He was reported missing on Friday, January 13 at 7:30 p.m

According to SBCSD:

On January 15, 2023, phone pings showed Sands heading to the Mount Baldy area. Additional phone pings from the cell provider were attempted, but were unsuccessful due to lack of cell service and mostly cell phone power outages. A delayed ping by Sands’ Apple iPhone operating system from January 14, 2023 provided a possible location on one of the routes to the summit of Mount Baldy. The area was searched by ground searchers and a helicopter. Mr. Ground and air searchers in the area have been unable to find any evidence to help locate Sands.

Sands, 65, who lives in North Hollywood, is an experienced mountaineer and has climbed the Andes and Swiss Alps. He has acted in films like Warlock, Ocean’s Thirteen, The Killing Fields, A Room with a View, Arachnophobia And Leaving Las Vegas.

said the actor The Guardian in 2020 He was happiest when he was “near a mountain peak on a cold morning” and had a desire to climb “a distant peak in the Himalayas as high as Makalu”. The closest he came to dying, he said, “was in the early 90s, in the Andes, where three more people were caught in a terrible storm above 20,000 feet. We were all in pretty bad shape. Some of our closest comrades perished; We are lucky.”

The search for sand was hampered Saturday night when avalanche hazards and dangerous trail conditions developed above 10,000 feet. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department pulled ground crews from the mountain to search for the sands.

The search continued with helicopters and drones, and ground troops will resume when weather conditions improve, the Times reported.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department urged others to avoid the Mount Baldy area, saying it is “extremely dangerous even for skilled climbers.” At least three people have died while climbing the mountain in the last six years. Most recently Crystal Paula Gonzalez-Landas died after falling down an icy slope, according to LA Times.

Authorities are also looking for Bob Gregory of Hawthorne, who was reported missing by family members on Monday, ABC 7 reports. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s San Dimas Station said a search for Gregory was underway in the Crystal Lake area of ​​the San Gabriel Mountains.

Earlier Wednesday: British actor Julian Sands disappeared while hiking on Southern California’s 10,000-foot Mount Baldy, northeast of Los Angeles.

Authorities in San Bernardino County are searching for Sands, 65, who was reported missing Friday. He is believed to be on the Baldy Bowl Trail, a popular spot in the San Gabriel Mountains.

“Due to the severe weather and alpine conditions, the search was difficult and the use of air resources was limited over the weekend,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The search continues with aerial evidence and updates will be provided as they become available.”

He has acted in films like Sands Warlock, Ocean’s Thirteen, The Killing Fields, A Room with a View, Arachnophobia And Leaving Las Vegas.

A search operation is underway amid severe weather conditions in the hills.

“For the past four weeks, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) teams have responded 14 Rescue operations in and around Mt Baldy,” police said in a news release via Facebook on Wednesday.

“These rescue missions are for lost, stranded and/or injured hikers. Unfortunately, in the last 4 weeks, two climbers did not survive after falling and sustaining injuries,” it added.

Police reiterated that the mountain weather was “adverse and extremely dangerous” amid strong winds and recent severe storms across the state.

“The snow has turned into snow making for very dangerous hiking,” the sheriff’s department said.

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