Judge strikes down Georgia abortion ban beginning at six weeks of pregnancy

A Fulton County judge struck down Georgia’s six-week abortion ban, ruling that two key parts of the law were “manifestly unconstitutional as drafted, voted on and enacted,” and wrote that the law was unenforceable.

Tuesday’s ruling by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney comes from a lawsuit that argued the state’s “heartbeat bill” violates pregnant women’s liberty and privacy rights under the state constitution.

Georgia’s ban took effect in July. Kara Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Attorney General, said: told Axios The state will “promptly pursue the appeal and continue to fulfill our duty to defend our state’s laws in court.”

In his 15-page ruling, McBurney said that when the law went into effect, “everywhere in the United States, including Georgia, it was unquestionably unconstitutional for governments — federal, state or local — to ban viable abortions.”

The decision adds new pressure to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to advance abortion measures — restrictions or protections.

Kemp, who won re-election last week, faces pressure from anti-abortion advocates to further restrict the practice in the state when the Legislature reconvenes. He defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams He promised to roll back the restrictions On process.

Meanwhile, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr (R) won re-election last week, fending off a challenge from Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan. Carr moved to enforce the state’s ban on abortions after the nation’s Supreme Court overturned a fetal heart function. Ro.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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