Elon Jet, the Twitter account that tracks Elon Musk’s flights, has been permanently suspended • TechCrunch

Update, 12/14/22, 5:50 PM ET: Twitter has now updated its Personal Information and Media Policy Sharing of direct location information should be prohibited. When @ElonJet was banned, this policy was not yet public, and it took several hours to ban @ElonJet and other flight tracker accounts.

Twitter account @ElonJetIt uses Publicly available data Elon Musk has been permanently suspended from Twitter to track the whereabouts of his private jet.

“My commitment to free speech extends to not banning my account following my flight, even if it poses a direct personal security risk,” Musk said. Tweeted November 6. In the past month, Musk seems to have changed his mind.

Jake Sweeney, the University of Central Florida student who created @ElonJet, also runs similar bots that track tech moguls’ personal jet activity. Mark Zuckerberg. None of Sweeney’s other accounts were affected, including one that tracks the travel of Elon Musk’s brother. Kimball Musk.

Update, 12/14/22, 2:30 PM ET: Jack Sweeney’s personal account has been banned from Twitter, as have the accounts of other automated flight trackers he operated.

This account has been a pain for Kasturi for a long time. In January, Musk tweeted out DeMed Sweeney to the student $5,000 to fire @ElonJetBut he rejected the offer.

“Any chance of raising that to $50k? That would be a huge support in college and even allow me to get a car Model 3,” Sweeney responded. Ethics At the time.

Unfortunately, Musk won’t be paying Sweeney’s tuition.

According to Sweeney, @ElonJet is under close watch at Twitter HQ. He posted on his personal account that an anonymous Twitter employee told him Account visibility was limited On December 2. Sweeney also posted a screenshot purportedly leaked from Twitter’s internal Slack, which appears to show Trust and Safety VP Ella Irwin @ElonJet prompting the team to apply high-visibility filtering. TechCrunch emailed Irwin to confirm the legitimacy of the news.

After being suspended from Twitter, Sweeney established a system Elon Jet Account in Mastodon.

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