Delta raises sales forecast to pre-epidemic level as demand and prices increase

Delta flights were intercepted by John F. Kennedy on December 26, 2021 during the spread of the Omigron Corona virus variant in Queens, New York City, USA. Found at Kennedy International Airport.

Gina Moon | Reuters

Delta Airlines The carrier expects its revenue to return to the 2019 level for the quarter, helped by rising travel demand and higher fares to offset a rise in fuel costs, the carrier said in a filing Wednesday.

The Atlanta-based airline has updated its forecast within a week of its announcement Organize its table Try to prevent air disruptions that affected tens of thousands of passengers last month. The airline was very conservative in expanding its schedule compared to competitors.

However, hundreds of flights operated by Delta and other airlines were canceled or delayed over the main Memorial weekend.

Delta had previously predicted that sales of pre-epidemic conditions would be 7% lower. The company boosted its margin view in the second quarter despite higher costs for fuel and other costs.

Its shares fell about 1% in morning trade.

Consumers have shown that they are willing to spend more on air tickets after a two-year moratorium on travel during epidemics. In some cases, demand returned faster than carriers expected. This prompted airlines including Southwest, Jet Blue, Spirit And Alaska Organize their schedule taking into account the challenges Staff shortage And bad weather.

American Airlines is more aggressive in restoring capacity to pre-epidemic levels than Delta and United. In a message to employees on Tuesday, the company said it was able to perform relatively well over the holiday weekend despite operating a 28% larger flight schedule than its closest competitor.

David Seymour, chief executive of the United States, stressed the importance of providing credibility when more people return to air travel.

“The key to our success this summer and beyond is running a reliable operation,” he wrote.

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