Boston Celtics’ Jason Tottam in the Game 4 fights

Boston – Jason Tottam The Boston Celtics had a simple solution to bounce back with a win in Game 5 of the NBA Final on Monday night – he should play better.

“I mean give [the Golden State Warriors] Credit said, “Tottenham said they were a great team after Boston ended the series 2-2 after losing 107-97 to Golden State in Game 4 at TD Garden on Friday night.” They play well. They got a game plan, things like that.

“But it’s up to me. I have to be good. I know I’ve affecting the game in other ways, but I have to be more efficient, shoot the ball better, finish better on the edge.

“I’m responsible for that.”

Todd did not play to the set standard in this series. He shoots 34% off the field and has 22 assists and four turnovers in two of Boston’s victories, but he has nine assists and 10 turnovers in two defeats.

Todd, along with the other Celtics, made a short circuit in the fourth quarter on Friday night, making only two shots in the last seven minutes. This allowed Golden State to finish the game 21-6, turning the series around in their favor.

“We felt like we’re in a position to win the game.”

However, it all starts with Totem winning the MVP honors in the Eastern Conference Finals and is the face of Celtics ownership. He is shown as the opposite number of the Warriors star Stephen Curry Throughout the series, however, the charcoal on the court was unparalleled.

With 43 points, 10 rebounds and four assists and he dominated every second he was on the court, it was definitely in Game 4. Tottenham night, meanwhile, was a sign of Boston’s poor decision-making for most of the game. He had five turnovers and was a big part of the team’s stagnant offense.

Asked if he was putting too much pressure on himself, he said there was no tot and he should be fine.

“I think it’s very simple,” he said. “I want to be good. I know I can be good, so it’s not like I, Nano or my team are telling me to do something I can not do. They know the situation, I know as much as I can.

“It’s kind of like doing it more often than I can help my team in the best way I can. It’s not too much pressure. It’s like my job.

When asked what he has seen from Tottenham so far in the series, Celtics coach Ime Utoka pointed out that instead of trying to finish by contact he was hunting for mistakes.

“Sometimes he looks for faults,” Utoga said. “They’m a team that gets bogged down in some games. He’s finding outlets. He shoots over two or three guys.

“This is the theme that is going on. He’s coming to the basket, he’s a scorer and a player. They work well in their rotation. Sometimes they hunt for mistakes instead of going to the finish.

Moving forward, what the Celtics need to look at is that Tatum, who has shown great places again and again in these playoffs, is like the 46-point effort he made at Milwaukee in the 6th game of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Giannis Antetocounmo And current champion Bucks.

A similar performance at Game 5 in San Francisco on Monday night could give Boston a chance to finish the series at Game 6 in Boston next Thursday.

Tatum said he and the Celtics are hopeful of a resurgence.

“We did not do this on purpose,” Todd said. “I assure you we will not. We will try as hard as we can. Some things need to be cleaned up. Obviously turnover, movement at the end of the attack. Would we have won today and advanced to 3rd place? 1? That would have been the best situation.”

“But it’s the finals. The art of the competition, they felt they had to win, it’s not easy, I think it’s a kind of beauty, it’s not easy, it should not be.

“We both know we like it and we should take it.”

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