A 17-year-old suspected GTA 6 leaker has been arrested

An FBI agent is standing next to a large statue, talking on his phone.

Picture: Rockstar Games

today, The City of London Police announced They arrested a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire on Thursday evening. While police have yet to confirm why, the teenager was reportedly arrested recently in connection with Uber Grand Theft Auto VI leaks. The suspect is currently in city police custody.

Reported by table And reporter Matthew Keys has arrested a 17-year-old suspect GTA The hack by police in the United Kingdom is part of an investigation by the FBI and the UK’s cybercrime unit. It was reported earlier The FBI may be looking into recent hacks at Uber and Rockstar Games.

A source said table The teenager has been arrested on multiple charges, including conspiring to attack at least two different computer systems.

A teenage hacker arrested on Thursday evening in Oxfordshire is believed to be linked to a hacker group.Lasbus$.” The group of hackers is said to have been involved in high-profile digital intrusions at other major companies including Uber, Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta. The group first appeared in 2021, hacking Brazil’s Ministry of Health. The group was thought to be defunct, but earlier this month it ramped up its activities again and targeted Uber and Rockstar Games.

The Grand Theft Auto VI The leak happened over the weekend One of the biggest video game leaks in history. 90 video files showing early development scenes Next GTA gameIt is assumed that gta vi, Posted on GTA Forums and quickly spread across the internet. The sightings seemed to confirm earlier reports and rumours GTA VI Vice will be set in the city and will feature two different characters, Bonnie and Clyde.

On Monday, September 19, following the spill, Rockstar Games confirmed Someone “illegally” gained access to its files and shared them online. It said the leak won’t slow down the game’s production and plans to officially reveal it soon.

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