2022 NBA Draft Live Updates, Results: Tracker, Order, Grades, Trades, Magic I Gossip by Jabri Smith

After the 2021-22 season, it’s time to shift our entire focus to the 2022 NBA Draft on Thursday night. Many exciting opportunities including Seth Holmkiren (Konsaka), Jabri Smith (Auburn), Paulo Pancero (Duke) and Jaden Ivy (Burdo) will be headlines at the league’s Marquee of the Season event. Overall it remains to be guessed who will be selected first, but all four players will be called by their names by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The Orlando Magic For the first time since 2004 it topped the draft overall. After Orlando, Oklahoma City Thunder Select the second, followed by Houston rockets, Sacramento Kings And Detroit Pistons Around the first five places. When the order is set, anything can happen during the draft as the teams are busy wheeling the phones and making deals. Many trades have already been made as lockers before the draft Acquired the 35th selection of Magic, The Cavaliers tackled their second-rounders to the Kings. Portland Trail Blazers too Traded their 2025 first round selection For the Detroit Pistons for Jeremy Grant.

It will be a hectic night around the NBA and we will provide you with all the activities here. Here’s how to view the NBA draft on Thursday night.

Follow below for updates, trades and analytics options for the 2022 NBA Draft.

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2022 NBA Draft Order

Round 1 Choose Round 2 Choose
1. Mantra 31. Crack bowlers
2. Thunder 32. Mantra
3. Rockets 33. Raptors
4. Kings 34. Thunder
5. Pistons 35. Lakes *
6. Crack bowlers 36. Trail Blazers
7. Trail Blazers 37. Kings
8. Pelicans 38. Spurs
9. Spurs 39. Guards
10. Witches 40. Wood wolves
11. Nix 41. Pelicans
12. Thunder 42. Nix
13. Hornets 43. Clippers
14. Guards 44. Hawks
15. Hornets 45. Hornets
16. Hawks 46. ​​Pistons
17. Rockets 47. Chrysalis
18. Bulls 48. Wood wolves
19. Wood wolves 49. Guards *
20. Spurs 50. Wood Wolves
21. Nuggets 51. Warriors
22. Chrysalis 52. Pelicans
23. 76ers 53. Celtics
24. Bucks 54. Witches
25. Spurs 55. Warriors
26. Rockets 56. Guards
27. Heat 57. Trail Blazers
28. Warriors 58. Crack bowlers
29. Chrysalis
30. Nuggets

* – Business Report

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